Mobile System looks after repairs on any movable structure. The activities range from ordinary maintenance to extraordinary maintenance, and preservative restoration and upgrading of the vehicle. Full reviews, starting from restoring the structure. Possibility to renew internal spaces, install equipment and carry out external improvements.

• Repair and realisation of hydraulic systems
• Adaptation of electric and gas systems
• Lighting systems
• Insulation of internal parts and components
• Realisation, repair and replacement of finishes in wood, aluminium and stainless steel
• Installation and repairs of borders and goods hoists
• Top replacements
• Restoring or total replacement of floors in wood to the final finish in PVC or self-levelling
• Repairs due to road accidents: restoring of damaged vehicles, from dents to serious damages
• restoring/application of adhesive films, logos, designs, tables, homologated and visibility stickers, ADR signs